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  Juo Shi corporate culture is the soul of the company, the performance of the company's cohesiveness, and represents the company's unique corporate personality. Corporate culture must be consistent with the company's philosophy and system, and it is also a way for internal staff to understand and learn and then expand their corporate propaganda.

  (1) Enlarging the radiation surface of enterprises 

Enterprises are an integral part of society. They must communicate and communicate with all aspects of society. Excellent corporate culture can win the trust of customers with good professional ethics, superb technology and excellent service. It will bring profound people in contact and communication. influences. Enterprises have a good image in the eyes of customers, and they are inexhaustible intangible resources. They will benefit a lot. It can stimulate customers and make them beneficial to the company, making it easier for enterprises to understand the society and the people. Trust and support to promote business development.

  (2) Enhance the cohesiveness and centripetal force of enterprises

  Excellent corporate culture is the internal driving force to promote the progress and development of the enterprise. It can make the employees of most enterprises have the correct value orientation, so that it is easy to reach a consensus on the major decisions of the enterprise and stimulate the sense of mission and responsibility. Excellent corporate culture can cultivate professional ethics, which can encourage employees to correctly and properly handle the relationship between public and private in the process of deepening enterprise reform and adjustment of interest relations, and can consolidate and develop unity, coordinated and stable group relations. Excellent corporate culture defines employees' ideological and moral, sentiment and behavioral standards throughout the company's practical activities, motivating employees to consciously follow their overall level and uniform standards to regulate their words and deeds, strengthen their entrepreneurial and professionalism, and promote corporate continuity. Work diligently, coordinately, effectively and harmoniously.

  (3) Realizing the transformation of management mode

  The corporate culture manual is a new achievement of the enterprise management theory. The corporate culture manual is the inevitable result of the development of modern enterprise management logic, and it is also the result of the summary and innovation of the original enterprise management theory. Therefore, it is necessary to put the corporate culture construction in the new mode of modern management. Thinking from the angle. Enterprises in developed countries have generally experienced three stages of management from experience management – scientific management – modern management. Experience management is a capable model. It relies on feelings, management by experience, and individual ability, quality, experience and style to exert its functions. As a result, most enterprises stay in the management level of renting and leasing for a long time. Scientific management belongs to the institutional model, the functions of various units of enterprises, job responsibilities, codes of conduct, and operational procedures have all been standardized; information transfer and various tasks have been programmed; the use of resources such as talents, funds, materials, and time has been scientifically realized. The company's planning, organization, leadership, control and other aspects have a complete set of scientific and standardized systems and procedures. However, there is always some work that cannot be managed by systems and procedures. If too many systems and standards are difficult to grasp, it is possible to suppress enthusiasm and creativity, reduce operational efficiency, and increase management costs. Modern management belongs to the cultural model. The work of employees does not rely on people to supervise and control. Instead, they consciously perform their duties, complete their work, and actively exert their potential. The corporate culture creates a harmonious working atmosphere and the desire to work together, so that employees are loyal to the business and the business they are engaged in. All the basic management systems and norms and procedures have been subtly implied to the professional habits of all employees. Enterprise managers focus on implementing strategic planning and strategic management, which is the highest level that every enterprise manager pursues.

  (4) Improve the competitiveness of enterprises

  Corporate culture is an important way to build a corporate brand. An excellent corporate culture is the “business card” and “intangible assets” of the enterprise. It is also a “magic weapon” for the company to remain invincible in the fierce market competition. The strong connotation of corporate culture is the inexhaustible source of wealth and wisdom. Building a corporate culture is an effective way to shape corporate brands, to retain talents, to nurture talents, to attract talents, to attract customers, and to gain recognition from society. In the new century, which company has a cultural advantage, which company has a competitive advantage.

  (5) Modern corporate culture is a huge driving force for enterprise development

  In the past, enterprises generally relied on material resources to establish their own development advantages, mainly to expand the scale of enterprises and increase equipment investment to promote the growth of economic benefits. Today, this form of development is no longer the best development model for companies. In the era of knowledge economy, knowledge and culture take on the responsibility of the driving force of enterprise development. It is a powerful internal driving force, an effective means to obtain economic growth, an inexhaustible source of wealth and wisdom, and a future success and excellence in technological innovation and cultural innovation. The practice of corporate image strategy and corporate culture construction and the results achieved are fully proof of this.