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Zhuo Shi Rubber introduces roller products for radiation packaging
Announcer:卓世  Posted on:2018/6/6 18:10:23  Click Rate:1125
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The radiant tube product is an important component of many new processing equipment in the metallurgical field

The radiant tube product is an important component of many new processing equipment in the metallurgical field. From the outside, it is a kind of pipeline product centering on the starting point and extending in a straight line in many aspects, although the radiant tube is not the central pipeline of the metallurgical furnace. But the actual role of the radiant tube is very important, it can transport important substances in the central pipeline to other locations where it needs to be applied. Recently, many of my friends are very interested in the common sense of radiant tubes. We also hope that we can help our friends, so we have specially compiled the following contents to help you know more about radiant tube products.

At present, many types of radiant tube furnace processing equipment are applied in the metallurgical field in China. This is a very advanced type of intelligent 壹 key control equipment, and it is ensured by the application of advanced methods such as combustion technology and thermal insulation technology. The thermal efficiency of the tube furnace equipment meets the satisfactory standard of application requirements. In addition, considering the energy saving point, the radiant tube furnace processing equipment consumes very little natural gas during operation, and is no less than many foreign imports in terms of practical application performance. The gas furnace equipment is handled, and the performance of the bottom roller in practical application is briefly described. It is a new type of equipment which is safe and reliable in the metallurgical field and has guaranteed operation efficiency.

The purpose of introducing the radiant tube furnace equipment is to hope that friends can have more understanding of the radiant tube products. As a vital component in the radiant tube furnace processing equipment, the application of radiant tube products is also extensive and diverse. of. First of all, in the operation of the metallurgical field, the working atmosphere needs to be protected accordingly, and the radiant tube product is the best protective member for the heat treatment operation. Secondly, some gas furnace equipment needs to effectively give and control the uniform distribution of temperature in the furnace, so the transportation function of the radiation tube is needed to provide necessary supply and guarantee.

In addition, the material in the gas furnace and the moisture of the combustion gas need to be separated and heated to achieve the application effect. In this process, multiple ventilation treatments are required, and the branching action of the radiant tube product is ineffective during heating. The important role of comparison. When the liquid in the metallurgical gas furnace is heated, there are many salt furnace treatment equipments that need to provide power through a stable heat source during operation, and the radiant tube product is one of the most important heat source components. All areas of modern industrial production are doing their best to meet the requirements of high efficiency and energy saving. Therefore, in the field of applications requiring low noise and high efficiency, it is more important to pay attention to the advantages of radiant tube products.

Founded in 1971, Zhuo Shi Rubber has been engaged in the professional manufacture of rubber rollers for more than 40 years. It is committed to quality, service and reasonable price. It is highly respected and loved by customers.

The company specializes in manufacturing steel, plastics, plywood, stationery, leather, printing and dyeing, paper, printing, textile and other industries of various types of rollers, suitable for various industrial materials: high temperature, resistance Solvent, acid-resistant, oil-resistant, wear-resistant, etc., all have professional manufacturing capabilities.

In recent years, due to the rapid development of various industries, the production equipment has been continuously, fully automated, and refined, so the roller plays a more important role. Therefore, the quality requirements of the rubber roller are more rigorous, and it is no longer comparable. Zhuoshi's rubber roller is designed and manufactured according to the customer's application and performance requirements. It seems to be simple and easy to implement. In fact, the production technology is cumbersome and precise. It must have long-term processing experience, and can be produced with the latest production technology and exclusive formula. The best and highest quality rubber roller.