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Zhuo Shi Rubber introduces the structure and force of the rubber roller
Announcer:JuoShi  Posted on:2018/6/9 11:46:35  Click Rate:854
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The cause of creep is that the polymer polymerization association gradually undergoes a conformation or displacement change under the action of external force for a long time

The cause of creep is that the polymer polymerization association gradually undergoes a conformation or displacement change under the action of external force for a long time, which eventually leads to irreversible plastic deformation. The influence of creep on the structure of the rubber and the magnitude of the force, etc. The flexibility of the j-molecular chain has a great influence on the creep, but this is the user's choice and cannot be changed.

Another important factor is the force, which is what the user decides. The “ideal pressure” advocated by Zhuo Shi Rubber guarantees the quality of the printed products, and it also has a significant significance for extending the life of the blanket and reducing creep. Maintaining a high level of balance and reducing creep, it is often possible to achieve a point transfer and reduce friction with minimal pressure during rolling.

It has been proved by practice that a new elastic cloth with good elasticity can achieve the purpose of full contact rolling with a small pressure, the dots are clear and strong, and the printing plate printing durability is also obviously improved. This is the flexibility of the blanket and the small embossing force. The two work together to keep the printed surface slightly frictional. It is a good proof that the temple advocates the ideal pressure. From the physical properties of the blanket, it is to delay the occurrence of creep. , thus extending the life of the blanket.

At the same time, if the blanket is often kept balanced and high-elastic, the friction is reduced, the ink stick (bar head) is prevented from appearing, and the effect of clearing the imprint is maintained, which is an important condition for improving the quality of the product by the cavity printing. The so-called microporous rubber is also known for its high elasticity, and has received extensive attention from printing workers. The stress orange relaxation causes the 壹 high-elastic body to rapidly produce 壹 deformation. The 剐 in the object produces a set stress, which should be attenuated with time, and this phenomenon is “stress relaxation”. For example, when the pressure cooker is used, the rubber band A around the lid is loosened, that is, the stress is gradually attenuated or disappeared.

The expression of stress relaxation on the blanket is tensile deformation. The mechanism of stress relaxation and creep is also the conformational change or displacement of the macromolecule under the long-term action of the force, so that the stress of the enthalpy is attenuated or disappeared.

Founded in 1971, Zhuo Shi Rubber has been engaged in the professional manufacture of rubber rollers for more than 40 years. It is committed to quality, service and reasonable price. It is highly respected and loved by customers.

The company specializes in manufacturing steel, plastics, plywood, stationery, leather, printing and dyeing, paper, printing, textile and other industries of various types of rollers, suitable for various industrial materials: high temperature, resistance Solvent, acid-resistant, oil-resistant, wear-resistant, etc., all have professional manufacturing capabilities.